Vendor Services

Additional Vendor Services Available:

MedAeX Warehouse/Fulfillment Services

How it works:

  • Ship pre-determined inventory amount to MedAeX.
  • No storage fees.
  • Flat 30% fee (plus 5.5% admin/online payment processing fee) charged when product is sold.
  • MedAeX manages fulfillment/shipping to buyer and provides updates via Sales Dashboard.
  • Contact Us for additional details.

MedAeX has:

  • A Health Canada inspected and approved warehouse facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  • An active MDEL (Medical Device Establishment License) and an NHP (Natural Health Product) Site License.
  • Health Canada Required Standard Operating Procedure Documents for:
    • Distribution Records
    • Mandatory Problem Reporting
    • Complaint Handling
    • Product/Device Recalls


Regulatory Licensing Services

Canadian regulations for importing and distributing medical devices, natural
health products and cosmetics can be complicated. MedAeX offers Health
Canada regulatory licensing services.

We will work with your team and your technical documents to ensure your
product or device is properly registered.

MedAeX can assist with:

  • Registering a Medical Device (Class I-IV)
  • Obtaining a Drug Identification Number (DIN)
  • Obtaining a Natural Product Number (NPN)
  • Registering a Cosmetic Product
  • Writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Obtaining a Natural Health Product (NHP) Site Licence for Importing
  • Obtaining a Medical Device Establishment Licence (MDEL)

Pricing is based on product type and class level. Contact Us for details.